Too bad for Charlie Sheen that Jenny McCarthy's taken

I admit it. Sometimes, my better nature notwithstanding, I can't help taking a bit of a morbid interest in celebrity scandals. I don't know if it's a weakness or just normal human nature. Like most "educated" people, I do know I tend to be vaguely embarrassed by falling for an interest in such "low' pursuits. Given that, how can I resist making note of a recent development in the ongoing nastiness between Charlie Sheen and his ex-wife Denise Richards? More oddly, how can it be that I find myself seeing Denise Richards as actually being rational?

It turns out that Charlie Sheen is apparently every bit as much of an antivaccinationist loon as Jenny McCarthy and her boy toy Jim Carrey and thinks that vaccines are "poison" to the point that he's threatening his children's pediatrician with legal action if he vaccinates Sheen's and Richards' children without permission. Richardson, apparently, wants the children to receive the recommended vaccinations.

Denise Richards, whose parenting has come under fire from both Charlie Sheen and critics of her new reality TV fiasco, "Denise Richards: It's Complicated" has insisted on getting the feuding former couple's two kids, Sam and Lola shot up with the standard vaccines most kids get.

But Charlie Sheen ain't havin' none of that. In light of recent accusations that several common vaccines, which are believed by many to be laced with Mercury, lead to Autism and other development difficulties, Charlie Sheen as well as several other celebs, including Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey, have gone public about their concerns over the shots.

And in true Charlie Sheen/Denise Richards feuding fashion, the lawyers have been called in, with Sheen having a letter drafted and sent to the children's' doctor denying his consent for their vaccinations.

TMZ has obtained a copy of the document, which was sent to the children's' physician last month, in which Sheen, in no uncertain terms, tells the doc he won't stand for his kids being shot up with poison and if they go ahead with the vaccinations, he'll sue. Of course, not exactly in those words, but you get the idea

It's a measure of how sheltered I am from this sort of stuff that I didn't realize until yesterday that this is actually fairly old news. Besides being an abusive idiot, Sheen wants to keep his ex-wife from doing the right thing in this case, whatever her other parenting skills.

At the risk of inciting poll crashing, something I've been dubious over, I can't help but notice a particularly silly poll on the article asking "Who's hurting the kids, Charlie or Denise?" The results?

72% voted that Charlie was hurting the kids; 28%, Denise. Given the antivaccinationist posturings of ignorant celebrities like Charlie Sheen, Jenny McCarthy, and Jim Carrey, I would have predicted the opposite result. Maybe there is hope after all.

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Charlie Sheen is also into 9/11 conspiracy theories.

It was probably easy for Jenny to convince Charly that vaccines are bad while he was slobbering all over her chest between (and during) shooting scenes on his sitcom.

Why is Sheen threatening the doctor, and not his ex? Seems to me like he's trying to make this a landmark case, to make all vaccinating doctors nervous about legal action. He doesn't seem bright enough to think of that himself (his big beef seems to be with his ex, anyway), so he's maybe been getting suggestions from certain quarters.
If I were Denise, I'd take the kids to someplace like Canada for their shots.

Maybe Denise could threaten to sue Charlie if any of the kids gets a preventable disease because he blocked her from vaccinating them. Not a very satisfactory result if she had to go through with it, but Charlie strikes me as pretty cowardly and would probably back down in the face of the threat.

Go Charlie! He has every right to assert his rights as the children's father to make decisions in regards to their health care. Doesn't he?

Denise stated on Larry King Live that their children have had some of their vaccinations but not all. It seems as if maybe they had some compromise on this issue (when they were still together). Many of the childhood vaccinations are unnecessary. This is all well within Charlie's rights. Good for him! As we have all seen, Denise is none too bright (understatement)... I mean 2 + 2 would be too "complicated" for her. Charlie needs to stand up for his kids. As for the dope who mentioned Jenny McCarthy... Charlie Sheen knew the issues with vaccines long before Jenny McCarthy came out in regards to the issue... Get a clue!

Peace Out Status Quo-Ho's!

By Team Charlie (not verified) on 11 Jun 2008 #permalink

Charlie Sheen is also a big time 911 conspiracist too. Definitely not one of Hollywood's brighter bulbs.

Hey yo, "Team Charlie"-Ho, parental rights end when they start threatening the children's well beings. Children are not the property of their parents.

Maybe Denise could threaten to sue Charlie if any of the kids gets a preventable disease because he blocked her from vaccinating them.

Lawsuits are not sufficient; Denise Richards should force Charlie Sheen to sign an affadavit accepting full legal responsibility for any criminal charges that stem from forcing the children to forego their recommended vaccinations.

It's probably too late for these geniuses to worry about about childhood diseases. Maybe they could be encouraged to go on a humanitarian tour to Paraguay - No vaccinations of course. They should all be given the opportunity to experience a vaccine preventable disease like Yellow Fever first hand.

Sadly unless one of the celebrity children becomes very ill or dies from a vaccine preventable disease, all the public will hear from these "stars" will be misinformation. Wrong as it may be, if repeated often enough these lies will take on a truth of their own. Look at urban myths.

Team Charlie Says: "Good for him! As we have all seen, Denise is none too bright (understatement)... I mean 2 + 2 would be too "complicated" for her."

Maybe Denise isn't too bright -- I'm not sure how you would know -- she doesn't need to be. She, and your other idol Jenny McC, aren't paid to be intelligent. They look good on camera and that's all that matters. What's your excuse, Sue?

By notmercury (not verified) on 11 Jun 2008 #permalink

I love this comment from "In fact, reading TMZ gives you a greater chance of becoming retarded and slow than getting vaccinated."

I always find it amusing when people confuse actors with the roles they play. There are very few stupid actors. The "Dizzy Girl" role played by many pretty women is just that, a role. Have any of these people ever tried to memorize a large script on short notice? It takes a lot of intelligence to play dumb believably.

Of course, some actors have simply lost their minds... (Sheen, Carrey, etc.)

The best evidence that Denise Richards isn't too bright is that she was married to Charlie Sheen.

"Hey yo, "Team Charlie"-Ho, parental rights end when they start threatening the children's well beings. Children are not the property of their parents".

Ok if you say so... Denise Richards should have her parental rights taken from her.

"parental rights end when they start threatening the children's wellbeing"

True dat - but two problems here.

First, Sheen obviously thinks that he is the one looking to prevent harm to his kids (wrongly, yes - but plausibly).

And second, failure to innoculate children is rarely a significant risk to those specific children provided that innoculation rates are high enough in the population: as such, it's not that easy to claim that the exercise of Sheen's 'rights' in this case would actually 'threaten [his] children's wellbeing.'

Neither of these point make Sheen correct, but they do make the question more complicated when interpreted in terms of competing rights.

It is sad to see people that have so much money that they can afford the time to seek actual knowledge in whatever area they would like - BUT they end up be suckered into junk.

How is that people who actually work day in and day out can be so far ahead in knowing the facts.

I truly lose all respect for someone that has such luxury and wastes it so completely on woo-ism.