Is anyone going to be in New York on August 9?

It's summertime, and the living is easy...well, not quite. It's been a hectic and depressing summer so far. However, I am going to be able to allow myself one weekend away from the drudgery of grant writing. You see, our Seed overlords are repeating the infamous blogger meetup that happened last year in August. Because they lack imagination (and because it's the time when the largest number of us can make it), they plan on doing it in August again this year. It also turns out that they want to put together some sort of "meet the bloggers" event--in someplace air-conditioned, of course, but to be announced later. The date will be Saturday, August 9, probably at around 3 PM, assuming sufficient interest. More amazingly given my reclusive and arrogant nature, I plan on being there.

Be advised that our benevolent overlords also promise food and swag, and, because of that they'd like to get an idea of the level of interest. If you think you might want to show up to harass some of us ScienceBloggers, leave a comment or you can shoot the organizers an e-mail at

Of course, if you have no interest in seeing me (and that probably includes most of you--after all, who wants to see a Plexiglas box full of blinking lights?), you can always rub elbows with Jake, Sheril, Brian, Janet, Mark, Bora, GrrlScientist, Josh, and Zuska, at least, and probably several others yet to be announced.

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Your "Maybe resistance is not futile after all" post the other day has really got me to thinking (a lot). I was going to send you an e-mail, but as long as you've blogged about this, I might as well ask you "in public," and maybe I'll get some other opinions. I've seriously been considering ending my status as an "independent" blogger, contacting ScienceBlogs, and asking if I can join you "happy few, you bad of brothers [and sisters]." What do you think?
Epi Wonk

Orac!!!!???? I never thought I'd get to see you again after that episode with the Federation troops. See you on the 9th!


I'll make the trip up from DC for this. I'd love to meet you folks in person - have certainly enjoyed your blogs!

Orac...I will make this one! Post when and where, so I can finally meet you.

I live in NYC and will be there (job willing).

orac i would love to come and meet some of the people who give voice to the ideas and values i find so compelling.

By steve norton (not verified) on 22 Jul 2008 #permalink

Perhaps. I am working on a bidness startup and might be able to write a trip off if we are set up by then. Probably won't be ready by then.

By Robster, FCD (not verified) on 22 Jul 2008 #permalink

It might be amusing to have a look at the box with lights in it.

This just in: it's closing on 2AM here and I was just looking at the Sat-TV guide. There I saw the following infomercial title : "Is colon detox Hype? ".
I know the answer to this, but somehow I doubt the half-hour sales-pitch will come up with the same (negative) reply.

Fortunately it's on late at night and not too many will be scammed. Just enough to make money for the scammer.

As an Australian (and thus reluctant to pass up an opportunity to freeload on overseas friends) I'm curious about what you mean by "our benevolent overlords also promise food and swag".

In Australian English, a "swag" is cheap (if makeshift) accommodation for travelers.

Urban Dictionary defines "swag" as a product not legally available in most places except certain coffee shops in Amsterdam.

Could you clarify, please, before I contact

My husband's head would explode if I took a jaunt across the country on my birthday, so I will be sweltering in Dallas that day.

New York City Skeptics would like to organize a social event Saturday night for the Seed bloggers, our fellow New York Skeptics, and anyone else who would like to attend...most likely at a bar or restaurant near wherever the "official" Seed festivities will be. Something like a Pharyngufest without PZ. :-) If anyone's interested in attending please shoot us an email at so we can gauge interest. Orac, it would be an honor to meet you!