This is really starting to go to my head...


Unbelievably, it looks as though I've been nominated yet again for another blogging award. Really, folks, this is too much. How on earth am I going to live up to this level of accolades in 2009?

Not that that would stop me from pointing out that I'm in the running for the Best Health Policies/Ethics Weblog at Medgaget. So, if you like what I've been laying down, please vote for me here. If not, vote for Getting Better with Dr. Val, who would be my second choice if I can't win.

Another blog I can't help but recommend a vote for is in the category of Best New Medical Weblog. It's Science-based Medicine (this should be a hint for a certain dim commenter), and you can vote here.

In any case, this is probably the last time I will mention any awards. I'm as susceptible to liking awards as much as the next guy, but I don't want to give myself a rotator cuff tear patting myself on the back. I'd be doing this without the nominations. Being recognized is just icing on the cake.

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As of now, you're #1 on the first and SBM is tops on the second.
The good news is, in 2012 the Mayan empire will not come back, and you will not be sacrificed.
How do you find a heart in a plastic box with flashing lights in it ?

#1 in the first,but Junkfood isn't far behind. Keep those votes comin' - every day!

Hey brother, even if it goes to your head, you deserve the recognition. You bust your ass to put up substantive and thoughtful comment and analysis every single day. You've got my vote.

Sorry to be late about this, but as Abel mentions above, You really do deserve a few accolades!

Orac said "It's Science-based Medicine (this should be a hint for a certain dim commenter), and you can vote here."

It seems to be several dim commenters. Though I have not seen Alice or her ghost for a couple of days.