Don't forget: NECSS 2013 is fast approaching...

Time really flies. It's hard to believe that the first national skeptical conference of the season is NECSS 2013 (The Northeast Conference on Science and Skepticism), hosted by the New York City Skeptics and the New England Skeptical Society, is fast approaching. In fact, it's only a little more than two months away. The conference will be held in New York City on April 5-7. Sadly, that conflicts with the American Association for Cancer Research meeting, meaning that I'll be in Washington, DC that weekend and can't go. (As an aside, maybe anyone from the DC area who also can't go to NECSS and will be around April 6 to 10 might be interested in a meetup?)

The NECSS lineup is stellar, and includes: keynote speaker physicist Leonard Mlodinow, author of The Drunkard’s Walk: How Randomness Rules Our Lives. There's also Simon Singh, Michael Shermer, Mariette DiChristina (editor of Scientific American) and lots of other great speakers, and, of course, performances of the Skeptics Guide to the Universe podcast and Rationally Speaking podcast.

Steve Novella has informed me that readers of Neurologica can receive a 10% discount by registering with the following code – NECSS2013.

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Sigh... unfortunately the dates for NECSS don't work for me, but I'll be living it vicariously through some of my friends that have registered.


Bummer you can't make it, Orac. Anyway, I will be there.

There's a couple which are possible; I'll be in the US when TAM is running, however it conflicts with my cousin's wedding (and I'm a bridesmaid - no getting out of it).

/le sigh

Do they ever do this on the west coast (LA)? For those poor people like me?

By Kelly M Bray (not verified) on 22 Jan 2013 #permalink

@Kelly M Bray

Well, according to Tim's list that he linked to, there are a few SkeptiCamps out West, as well as Orange County Freethought Alliance Conference in May in Anaheim (CA), SkeptiCal 2013 in June in Berkeley (CA), The Skeptic's Toolbox in August in Eugene (OR), and CSICon in October in Seattle (WA).

ORAC, I'm in the DC area and would be interested in a meetup. Let's have our people contact each other.

The comments are numbered now! Nice job.

I'll be at NECSS, but I do live in the DC area and will return late on the 7th. I would be happy to buy you a drink, Doctor. Your blog was what led me into organized skepticism in the first place, so it would be my honor.