We're Back, With a Funny

It's been more than 3 weeks, 6 flights, 4 states, 2 presentations, 1 AAAS meeting, 1 new nephew, and more than 1500 new e-mail messages since our last post. Sorry 'bout the lapse. It's a busy time in the world of scientific integrity, but we hope to be back up to pace shortly.

Copyright 2007 Tom Tomorrow

In the meantime, here's a nugget from last week's This Modern World by Tom Tomorrow. You can view the full cartoon over at Working for Change. It's a little ham-fisted, sure, but we love our weekly Tom Tomorrow fix, and we'll take his rants on science politicization any way we can get them.

Given all predicted hub-bub over the two Oscar wins for An Inconvenient Truth, the constant derision of Al Gore is as topical as ever.

I think the greatest strength of this comic is its punchline.


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