A Cynical Morning Cartoon with Flamy McGassy

It's been a while since we checked in with Flamy McGassy, but here's a toon from a couple months ago. Despite the Supreme Court ruling on C02, Flamy is unabashed in this episode: "Feeling the Heat."

The takeaway message is that despite the Court's intervention, enemies of science-based decisionmaking still lurk in the EPA. However, it is admittedly dated: the two officials featured in this cartoon Willia "Kids had their nominations withdrawn the week after this cartoon originally ran in April. Connection? Probably not.

Still, Flamy has a point: getting anything through the EPA will continue to be a struggle until January 20, 2009, at which point the oil and gas lobbyist market will be flooded. Good thing for those guys (and gals) that minimum wage got a bump up!

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