... or Convenient Fiction? News at 11

For those of you in the Bay Area, look for me on TV tonight. I just taped an interview serving as a counterpoint to the AEI and Pacific Research Institute-backed documentary "An Inconvenient Truth ... or Convenient Fiction?" Tonight is its World Premeire in San Francisco.

Click here for the official line on the documentary.

Barring breaking news, look for the story on San Francisco's KGO-TV ABC 7 at 11 tonight. If it makes the web, I'll be sure to blog it tomorrow.

The documentary is presented by Dr. Steven Hayward. By reputation, it does not refute global warming, just humanity's role in it -- by nitpicking the science in "An Inconvenient Truth."


The story ran. Unfortunately, it did not make the cut of stories featured on-line, so if you missed it, you missed it. Most of the focus was on Dr. Hayward, who talked of objecting to alarmism although no specific scientific criticism made the story. I'm happy that I was able to interject two ideas into the story: that this kind of film creates more confusion than knowledge in the public sphere; and that PRI's and AEI's funders should be taken into account (the reporter asked him whether having oil backing may have influenced the film; such scrutiny was absent from a competing broadcast's coverage).

For a story that ran earlier on the day that includes lclimate change analysis from both Envirnonment California and the Pacific Research Institute, click here.

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