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Four Intel ISEF Finalists talk about a tour they took from Albuquerque to the Trinity Test Site, where the first nuclear bomb was detonated on July 16th, 1945. Click To Play
A special musical performance just before the closing ceremony. Who are the cowboys in suits at the end?
Hadeel Masoudi of Amman, Jordan explains her project on shark antibodies.
Adam Halverson of Garretson, South Dakota, gives a tour of his robot creation.
Mathew Tucker of Mankato, Minnesota shares the inspiration and development of his tornado model.
Hermain Khan of Staten Island, NY, explains his Earth Science project.
What's the craziest experiment you've ever done? Finalist Susannah Clary from Albuquerque reports.
Jack Franchetti, an expert in media and communication skills, coaches two Intel ISEF Finalists on their presentations. Click To Play
Daniel Posch from Hillcrest High School in Midvale, Utah took these photos of contrasting stimulants... Check out more ISEF snapshots on Flickr. And if you haven't yet, upload your own photos and videos.
Robbi Bishop-Taylor from Forster Australia took this great video of a Puerto Rican cheer at the pin exchange.
Some surprising answers and an unsurprising favorite....Finalist Susannah Clary from Albuquerque reports.
Lonnie Julian of Baxter, Tennessee on winning at science fairs.
Intel interviewed Holly Batchelor of Scotland about her cosmic ray project.
Intel Foundation Young Scientist Winner Philip Streich of Platteville, Wisconsin gets grilled by a judge.
It's the night before the Intel ISEF judges inspect his work, and Ralph Jennings of Atlanta, GA has many sheets of paper left to fold.
Meredith MacGregor of Boulder, Colorado was one of the three winners of the 2006 Intel Foundation Young Scientist Award, which includes a $50,000 college scholarship. We spoke with her about her research studying the "Brazil Nut Effect."
Caroline Wurden of Los Alamos, NM is competing at Intel ISEF with her physics project, "Great Balls of Fire."
A week before Albuquerque began, six Intel ISEF finalists and alumni from Forest Hills High School in Queens, New York spoke to us about research and the road to the Fair.