This is a website by, for, and about some of the most inspiring young people in the world: the finalists of the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. This year over 1400 finalists from over 60 countries will arrive in Albuquerque, New Mexico for a week of socializing, learning, competition, and fun.

In keeping with the theme of this year's Fair, "Creating a New Element," Intel and ScienceBlogs.com are creating a new ISEF community website that will expand upon and continue the Fair's incredible tradition of international camaraderie and collaboration.

Starting the week of Intel ISEF, you can access the site to get in-depth interviews with attendees, learn more about highlighted projects, and get glimpses from behind the scenes at this one-of-a-kind competition. But that's just the beginning--in later weeks we'll be posting exclusive videos from the Fair and hosting community interviews with top scientists. We've also created an online Forum where you can discuss ISEF, college preparation, and pretty much anything else you want. It's your place to connect with the friends you make at Intel ISEF and to all the other amazing finalists you may not have had a chance to meet.

We'd also like to hear your suggestions on how to make the site exactly what you're looking for. So let us know what features, perspectives, and tips you most want to see, and together we can make this the Intel ISEF website you've always wanted.

During Intel ISEF you can also talk to us at our booth outside the Exhibition Hall. We're next to the giant vinegar volcano. You won't miss it.

Enjoy the site.

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