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Well, yesterday was the official pub date for the paperback RWOS: I haven't been to a major bookstore yet to see if they're there, but they ought to be. Meanwhile, my thanks to all the blogs who noted the pub date and commented, including the following in no particular order:

MoJo Blog: "Mooney's headed out on tour and may be coming to your town; he's a prescient writer, not to be missed."

WordMunger: "Congratulations, Chris!"

The Scientific Activist: "Did somebody say "scientific activism"? I think so, I think so."

Transterrestrial Musings: "As I told Chris, while I disagree with a lot of the things that Republicans do with respect to science, I think that the war is more than bi-partisan."

The Scientific Indian: "Chris has generously offered a complimentary copy to fellow bloggers at scienceblogs and would even ship one to this humble blogger overseas. May the science be with him."

The Questionable Authority: "People can debate whether or not the Republicans are consciously trying to downplay science, but the effects are the same."

Afarensis: "If you really want to know how the Republicans feel about science read The Republican War on Science...."

And finally, my favorite quote:

Blog.Bioethics.Net: "The word on the street is that the Pope is about to go from casual affection to an outright embrace of intelligent design...As if the stem cell boneheads weren't going to sell enough of Chris' books."

Thanks to everyone who commented. We appreciate it here. And we will have more soon....

UPDATE: Bora also links, commenting, "My SciBling Chris Mooney, the first science blogger I ever discovered (and whose blogroll let me into the scienceblogging world) is the author of one of the most important books of last year, The Republican War On Science...."

UPDATE 2: Cosmic Variance links: "Chris Mooney's The Republican War on Science is now out in paperback. So all you poor liberals who couldn't afford the hardcover edition now have no excuse."

* The Next Hurrah has also linked: "Stem cells, and other health issues including plan B, show that this battle can be won, but it'll take effort and vigilance as long as politicians like Brownback, Santorum and Allen think there are political points to be made in rolling back the 21st century."

* DeSmogBlog links: "As part of the release, Mooney will ensure his own carbon-neutrality by trading in 20,000 airmiles to offset the 7,500 pounds of C02 he estimates his book tour-de-force will produce."

* EvolutionBlog links: "Mooney does a first-rate job of confirming what anyone who has been paying attention has long suspected: That the power brokers in the Republican Party are almost uniformly hostile to science and its findings. Buy it and read it immediately!"

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