The Frakkin' Finale of Battlestar Galactica


Nothing else matters today. Nothing except what is going to happen in the very last episode of Battlestar, which has been running since 2004 and now culminates in a two hour extravaganza. We know the Battlestar is about to jump into the Cylon colony to rescue Hera, the human-Cylon hybrid child, and to make a last stand with guns blazing...what the frak is going to happen?

This thread is for you, nerds of the universe....

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I still miss Buck Rogers, but mostly just Erin Grey.

The last one! So sad...Can they answer all the questions with just two hours???

The episode will start with Pamela Ewing waking up and finding out that Bobby is really alive, and that all of the BSG series was actually just a dream.

I haven't watched it since the went deeply into the woo-woo mystic prophecy BS. Did they ever drop that and make it sci fi, or did they keep it and make it "Ghost Hunters in Space"?

I have a couple of episodes to catch up on, but I am giddy over this. This has been my favorite show!!! Mr. Isis and I used to have a weekly "Star Date" to watch this and Star Gate SG1. We're huge nerds like that.

My guess is that it will end with some sort of grand loop structure: humans died off long ago and there are now only different generations of cylons fighting each other. "We have met the cylons and they are us." Why else would they push the "You're just a machine, but I'm human" meme so hard?

By Erasmussimo (not verified) on 20 Mar 2009 #permalink

I haven't watched it since the went deeply into the woo-woo mystic prophecy BS. Did they ever drop that and make it sci fi, or did they keep it and make it "Ghost Hunters in Space"?

Because anything which includes depictions of people who believe woo is itself woo. Right. Totally unrealistic.

If it helps at all, the prophecy seems to have turned out to be wrong.

The worst part about watching the finale of my favorite frakkin show is that I still haven't come to terms with the fact that this is, indeed, the LAST new episode ever.

But I do have a way of easing my frakkin pain... I've already purchased all seasons on DVD, except obviously for season 4.5 -- which had frakkin better come out next week!!!!!

I figure that being able to watch the entire frakkin series from start to finish whenever I feel a crash coming will help me overcome this frakkin BSG addition of mine.

Oh... and one last thing... frakkin frak frak frakkety-frak-frak! (Don't you love dropping the BSG version of the F-bomb whenever you can? Trust me, it's quite liberating.)

By doctorgoo (not verified) on 20 Mar 2009 #permalink

They're all going to die.

By Dr. Glitterbear (not verified) on 20 Mar 2009 #permalink

I live in The Netherlands so I'll have to wait untill tomorrow to watch it. I guess I'll have to avoid this thread untill then.
I have to be honest though and say that I think the show didn't get better over time. I won't go so far as to say it all went downhill from the beginning, but I definately liked the first season(s) better than the last one(s).

I am not a fan. I hated the first series, especially that obnoxious dog robot and those gumball-machine-headed things, but there is one thing that is driving me nuts: I keep hearing commercials where the character played by Mary McDonnell is screaming, "I'm coming for all of you!" Who the fuck is she and who the fuck is she coming for?
Battlestar Galactica and ER have been announcing their final episodes for about five years now, haven't they?
I want Eureka and the 4400 back!

Yes, that first series was definitely a loser; my wife loved it, and I thought it was the height of Hollywood stupidity. I did rather like the villain; he had some style. But the other characters were definitely gag-me-with-a-spoon people.

I agree that this last year has been disappointing. The plot twist of earth being devastated was a good one, but they just didn't have enough material for a full season after that. If they'd shortened it to half a year, I think they would have been able to maintain a decent pace.

Wait a minute! Here's another possibility: the war that devastated earth was between humans and cylons, right? What if that war was REALLY the war that is referred to in the Terminator movies? What if Arnold Schwarzenegger shows up in BG tonight? Whoa! Recursive Deja Vu!

By Erasmussimo (not verified) on 20 Mar 2009 #permalink

"Because anything which includes depictions of people who believe woo is itself woo. Right. Totally unrealistic.

If it helps at all, the prophecy seems to have turned out to be wrong."

No, because what started out as a science fiction show got turned into a fantasy show in space - for example, the teleportation of Starbuck (IIRC) to get the star chart, the guidance of the people to Earth (I'm assuming this wasn't a cylon trick)...not to mention the cylons themselves - how come it seems like everytime I see a commercial, it seems like yet another character is a cylon. Hell, just call it Cylon Galactica. I'd like to see the truth revealed that there are no humans, just cylons who lost their memory. The ultimate irony.

That the prophecy was wrong doesn't make a difference since the prophecy was there, and they seemed to have working, real, magic in the show. Space Fantasy, not sci fi. I was disappointed, especially when it started out so gritty and real. It's like watching a grimy world war two movie and suddenly shifting to My Little Pony.

It wouldn't surprise me if it was true that the writers let the show (and the actors) write their own lines (and that the actual plot was miniscule) as the head writer or producer has been quoted saying. The later episodes that I saw seemed to be pulled out of their hindquarters. If that's what they did, why did they pay the writers? Other shows and movies have improv, but not in the main story itself.

I hated the '70s series, though I often watched it.

I didn't start to watch the current generation until mid-way through the first season and have generally watched it since.

I watched the original pilot for the first time yesterday and thought it was fabulous.

And then, the finale. It had its moments, but I nearly walked when it turned into a video game of chasing people and running through corridors endlessly. I stuck around for the end. Yes, it fell victim to some popular cliches (notably "everyone's life is in incredible, incredible danger and yet almost no one dies"). It could have easily had 10 minutes edited out without any loss whatsoever (it ran about 10 minutes over 2 hours).

I didn't hate it. It wasn't as strong as I hoped it would be, but it wasn't exactly weak either. On the other hand, the basic plot point of putting a ship on the verge of collapse anywhere near an asteroid field that's near a black hole was, well, dumb if nothing else.

I didn't really object to the mystical parts, though there's a point when something happens that should have resulted in the massacre of every remaining human. Mysteriously, there's only a very brief shootout and the war is over.