The Intersection Moves To Discover Blogs

Today, we move to our new home at Discover Blogs:

While we have immensely enjoyed being a part of Scienceblogs, we've decided together that it is time to move on. Our tremendous thanks go out to Seed for hosting The Intersection since 2006 where we've been honored to share the network with such an esteemed community of bloggers--many of whom have become good friends.

While we're excited to join Carl, Phil, and Sean, it is a bittersweet decision as we will miss the Sb 'family' tremendously. Of course, we will never be far--the blogosphere has no boundaries after all--and the discussion grows larger and more interesting every day...

The Intersection at Discover will maintain its archive of posts and comments, growing as we continue to explore the intersections of science, politics, and society. We're also preparing to announce some exciting new projects so stay tuned! Most of all, as we make this transition, the blog will become the central clearinghouse for discussions relating to our new book, Unscientific America, which we're very proud of and which hits this June/July.

i-84c740e72dbcb093a8db0d4aca18c99b-Discover2.pngThanks to sciblings, readers, and Scienceblogs for years of support and friendship! Please update your feed, bookmarks, links, and blogrolls with our new address and come visit us as we settle in!

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