Just a few more

I have spent most of today finishing up Jane Davidson's A History of Paleontology Illustration (a review of which I intend on will writing up shortly), but I took a quick break to blow a few bucks at the Cranbury Bookworm. Here's what I came home with;

Evolution for John Doe - Henshaw Ward (1925)

African Exodus - Christopher Stringer & Robin McKie (1996)

Piltdown - Frank Spencer (1990)

Annie's Box - Randal Keynes (2001)

Life - Richard Fortey (1997)

I'm not letting myself start any of them until I have written the review of Davidson's book, however, and by that time I might put some more time in on my own book. (A complete list of updates on the book project can be found here, in the archives.)


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Life is a wonderful book, although I haven't gotten past the Carboniferous yet, trying to read several books at once is not a good idea!