Photo of the Day #536: Rokan wants in

i-4afddc14831b8bccbfa108adb55dcb11-National Zoo 03-22-09 450.JPG

Rokan, a male Sumatran tiger (Panthera tigris sumatrae) really wants to go inside. Photographed at the National Zoo.

i-7d5dd2e715f9a8b555df2ea359231a3c-National Zoo 03-22-09 429.JPG

i-32ff23a03931702de99ba73303108e13-National Zoo 03-22-09 453.JPG

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Upgrade cat flap plz...

This one certainly brought back memories. I worked at the National Zoo for a few years. Our offices were in the lion/tiger house, under the public walkway. Our windows sills were just a few inches above the surface of the water in the moat. Occasionally, a swimming tiger would look in on us. What a treat! Someday I must write up my zoo experience, 1979-82. Thanks for the wonderful photos, Brian.

By stillwaggon (not verified) on 30 Mar 2009 #permalink

Rokan is magnificent. I was at the Alaska Zoo last year and got to go into the polar bears living quarters. While we were back there, the bears thought we were going to feed them. I was on the other side of the little square hole with big polar bear faces looking in. Cool but a little scary too.

Rokan might be waiting for lunch.... I've wondered who gets to open that door, and envied people like Stillwaggon those offices.

By Tina Rhea (not verified) on 30 Mar 2009 #permalink

What'd you think of our zoo, Frankie? Overall? I like our tigers and snow leopards best, because you can pretty much see everything else on a hike in the summer! :-)