The Boneyard is back!

Paleo-blogger Zach has revitalized the long-dormant Boneyard carnival over at When Pigs Fly Returns. He has collected a nice assortment of links, but if you want to submit some more, Zach's the guy to talk to. I am sorry that I no longer have the time to run the Boneyard myself, but I am glad that others are going to keep it going. Thanks, Zach!

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The 25th edition of The Boneyard is coming up next Tuesday over at The Big Dinosaur Lie. You can send your submissions directly to me (evogeek AT gmail DOT com) or to the blog where they will be posted, and let's try to get some of the new paleo-bloggers in on this one!
Zach has got the latest edition of the paleo-carnival The Boneyard up at When Pigs Fly Returns.
The Boneyard #23 will appear on September 2 at When Pigs Fly Returns. Get your paleo-posts from the last month to me or Zach if you want in on the next edition!
Paleo-blogger Nimravid has put up an excellent summary of (surprise!) nimravids. It definitely outshines my earlier, feeble attempts to write about this extinct group of carnivores, and I highly suggest that you give it a look!