An Awful Day

Many others will speak far more eloquently about today than I could, so I'll just mention several brief thoughts.

I found out about the 9/11 attacks after voting in the Democratic primary (which was cancelled). At that time, it wasn't clear what had happened: the radio reports were describing it as a small plane--making it sound like a horrible accident.

When I arrived at work, we turned on an old banged-up TV where it was clear what exactly had happened. Then the reception cut out. Because the tower with the TV transmitters fell.

There's one other thing. A colleague suggested that Iraq might be behind this (that's what a lot of TV pundits were saying). I can't remember exactly how I phrased it, but I remember I was angry and said that it wasn't Iraq, because that would make no sense, and that it was Al-Queda who did this. What an awful foreshadowing.

Three days later, I was home in DC for Rosh Hashanah, and I remember going to the Smithsonian--which was like an empty mausoleum. On the Mall, there were anti-aircraft missile batteries. That week, I had reason to drive by the Pentagon, which also was ringed by air-defense batteries. And on 9/11, when I saw pictures of the ambulances waiting to enter Arlington Hospital (unlike New York, there were a lot of injured), they were lined up waiting to enter the emergency ward entrance on roads that I routinely travelled when I lived in VA.

I still remember that day very clear. What an awful day it was.


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Indeed, and Bush had only been in office for a little over 7 months when this happend.

Clinton, as we now know, had several chances to get Bin Laden.

But I am wondering about something.

How would you have known at that time that Bin Laden was behind this?

Just wondering.

When are these instances where Clinton had an opportunity to capture Bin Laden that you speak of? Can you site them? I didn't think so.

Oh and, how has Bush done in the 5 yrs since the attack on capturing him?

How would you have known at that time that Bin Laden was behind this?

Just wondering.

Because I am Osama bin Laden. That, and Al-Queda attacked the U.S.S. Cole, and two U.S. African embassies. Iraq attacked neither our embassies nor a U.S. warship. It's called evidence and reason, as opposed to knee-jerk regurgitation of stories about Bill Clinton's penis.