I'm Famous!

At least on ScienceBlogs. Our Benevolent Seed Overlords have interviewed me. You can check it out at Page 3.14.

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There is a super-fabulous interview with Zuska over on Page 3.14. Page 3.14 is "is your guide to ScienceBlogs. Maintained by Seed's editors, web editors, and the other people who make Seed tick, it points you in the direction of some of ScienceBlogs' finest offerings." But I think it's really…
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I shall destroy all blogs!! I look like this. Really. Over at Bayblab, there's a jeremiad about how we at ScienceBlogs are destroying science blogging. We're also money grubbing whores--because that $2-4 a day goes really far. I don't get paid that little at my day job. Even back at the old…