Some Sunday Links

I was away this week, and it's a holiday, so the links are kinda light. Here's some science stuff.

  1. Here's how not to manage a KPC infection.
  2. Here's some stuff I learned at the ASM 2007 meeting.
  3. We don't need no stinkin' food safety.
  4. Probiotic bacteria might prevent amphibian extinctions.
  5. Here's a cool post about moon jelly life history.

The other stuff:

  1. Our schools might not suck, but our healthcare system does.
  2. If you care about civil liberties, you'll want to read about this expansion of presidential authority.
  3. Tristero asks how Iran became classified as an "intractable foe committed to launching violent attacks on the United States and/or its immediate interests."
  4. Tyler DiPetro tells us how to behave in a coffee shop.
  5. An interesting article about the psychologies of those who get abortions.
  6. Former White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card is roundly booed at the UMASS commencement. What did they think would happen?
  7. Here's another reason why republics should not hire mercenaries.
  8. This post by Andy Bacevich will break your heart.
  9. Gender and running. Heh.
  10. Greg Laden puts the Creationist Museum in its appropriate context.

More like this

Way back in a few editions of Animalcules, several of the submissions mentioned a fungus that was killing frogs. Wednesday at the ASM meeting suggested that there may be a way to protect these amphibians: First in a petri dish and now on live salamanders, probiotic bacteria seem to repel a…
Here are some links for you. Go read some science, you goddamn kids: I ask a question about the coming human microbiome projects. Give me an answer. Here are two posts about scientists and journalism. I also have some thoughts about evo devo. Here's an interesting take on the 'minimal microbe.'…
Here's some links for you. The science stuff: Better keyboards could reduce MRSA transmission in hospitals. Here's a very good post on land development and eutrophication. From Scientific American, an article on the destruction of the world's fisheries. Fellow ScienceBlogling Jonah Lehrer…
I'll be at the ASM meeting in San Diego next week (so don't steal all my stuff). But don't worry, the blog, like the Might River Jordan, will keep rolling on. Email replies and so on won't be happening though.

Link 3 is missing.