So When Does Scooter Get His Medal of Freedom?

Go read Hunter now. Here's a taste:

Eighteen months from now, on some mid-January day, Libby will of course be lauded for his great service to the nation -- that service in no way being the remarkable ability to keep his mouth tightly shut in face of a criminal investigation into activities at the White House, perish the thought -- and fully pardoned. Bush's statement about respecting jury opinions will be recast once again, this time to the effect of "I respect the jury opinions, but Scooter has had quite the rough time of it lately, what with all these investigations and indictments and whatnot, and has suffered enough. Let the healing begin!" This will be lauded by administration members, administration friends, other indicted members of the Republican party, and by "centrist" pundits eager to ply all of them for quotes and insights. The mere premise that a member of his administration would be held accountable for criminal actions as others would be is not just unthinkable, but has been a matter of great contention throughout Bush's presidency, requiring elaborate fictions of legalese to defend even the transparently illegal, such as domestic espionage and torture, and even more tortured justifications for reasons why no such justifications need be given in the first place.

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Here's a proposal for Fred Thompson (or any other Republican presidential candidate -- official or not) who openly supports a full pardon for Scooter: Get your base to clamor for a pardon by making a pledge that if you win the party's nomination you will pick Scooter as your running mate. You say he's such a fine, upstanding public servant? ... Prove it by making him part of your ticket. Just think of all the free publicity!!!

"With each passing day, Bush becomes a little less presidential, and a little more like Al Capone with an Air Force."
Fantastic stuff!

I don't know if scooter has enough charisma to parlay his notoriety into wingnut stardom, as Iran-contragate convicted Oliver North has. Somehow scooter just doesn't look photgenic enough to get his own FauxNews show.

If FauxNews can stand to look at Newt, they won't have a problem with Scooter. His main attraction is that he's a victim of the vast liberal conspiracy.