Boston in the 1920s: Conservative

By way of Universal Hub, I came across this video of Boston in the 1920s. Not only is neat to see a lot of the same buildings, but I find it really interesting that Boston is described as conservative (whereas today, according to the Real America Propaganda, we are Homofascist Horde central). Of course, Boston is conservative in many ways: it has a strong sense of history, and it isn't particularly wild and crazy (it's fun, but it's not Vegas either).

Anyway, here's the video:

You have to love the announcer's voice too.

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Actually Boston is conservative. To borrow from George Orwell, those who call themselves conservatives nowadays are either liberals, fascists or accomplices of the fascists. (Tht's from his essay on Kipling, who actually was a conservative.) Remember, a lot of the city's reputation for being liberal is based on its 18th century idealism. Remember, the Massachusetts Supreme Court outlawed slavery shortly after statehood, so legalizing gay marriage is what one would expect.

For an interesting take on the conflict, check out The Late George Apley which was written by the guy who did all those Mr. Moto mysteries.