I Am a Money-Grubbing Pharma Shill

...for about $2.50 a day. Over at Age of Autism, there's a DEVASTATING two part series about how ScienceBlogs has been bought and paid for by Big Pharma (and I don't mean Rush Limbaugh). I've always been amazed when people accuse me and my fellow ScienceBloglings of being bought off. Most of us just aren't getting paid that much. Would I rather get paid than do it for free? Sure. But the moment ScienceBlogs or Our Benevolent Seed Overlords tell me what to write, I'm gone. How can anyone who reads this blog think for a minute that TEH EVUL SEED EDITARS are influencing this blog's content in any way, shape, or form? (Intelligent Designer knows, I could use an editor from time to time...). Yet, I'm one of the stronger proponents of vaccination around these parts.


Because vaccination works. And I'm not getting a cent from any vaccine manufacturer to say that.

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Because vaccination works. And I'm not getting a cent from any vaccine manufacturer to say that.

BS! If it weren't for vaccines, you might be dead! Therefore, all your money comes as a result of vaccine manufacturers! PHARMA SHILL!!!111!eleventy!

Ask your doctor if Pharma-shill is right for you. Side effects are similar to a sugar pill, and may include lung-tree, goldeneye, thunderballs, octopussy, sudden infant teleportation syndrome, compulsive honesty, erectile dysfunction by proxy, and the color blue.

When your arguments and anecdotes and magical thinking lose their effectiveness, Pharma-Shill(tm) is the one gambit that won't let you down. Ask your denialist about Pharma-Shill(tm) today!