Republican MA Senate Candidate Brown Smiled, Nodded as Supporter Suggested Brown Sodomize Coakley with a Curling Iron

Go teabaggers, go! Of course, in all fairness, maybe he was smiling and nodding at the previous outburst suggesting Coakley commit suicide. I suppose that's what passes for moderation these days. He could have disavowed the comment, but he didn't (it even sounds like he says, "We could do that.")

I wish I had my own army of Uruk-hai. Video (from Hotline):


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You could avoid some of this mad ranting about stuff you don't understand by first doing some research. The "outburst" was reference to a criminal case involving Coakley as AG, you ignoramus.

BTW, he says, "We can do this." Comprende ingles?

By Kill Factory (not verified) on 18 Jan 2010 #permalink

Brown is just another fucktarded Dumbya clone. Wrong on every issue as most Repulicunts are.

By NewEnglandBob (not verified) on 18 Jan 2010 #permalink

9 seconds? Someone near the mic yells out 'suicide!' while he is trying to say something ("So ... so ... We can do this."). And then you lead with that title?

Then again, after a few times listening to it, I thought I heard something that might have been someone saying 'curling iron', but it was very faint relative to the background noise, and I had to listen to it several times to get even that much. I suppose someone went at the clip with sound analysis software or something to come up with this non-story. If you actually had any intention of being fair, you might have explained his "We can do this" comment as an attempt to calm the crowd to get them to listen. If more of the video that 9 seconds exists somewhere, then maybe we could find out and judge for ourselves.

Too bad Mike, looks as though the teabaggers are attacking in force. Their arsenal of cognitive dissonance & selective hearing are invulnerable to facts.