Have the Turkeys No Decency?

Just when we thought the Turkey Menace had disappeared, they're back:

Thanksgiving II: The Revenge

A Gardner Road [Brookline, MA] man told police that he and his 9-month-old son were "surrounded and attacked by six turkeys" at about 12:14 p.m. on Dec. 12. Police offered to dispatch EMS to treat any injuries, but EMS was refused, according to the police log.

I wish the far right would stop trying to convince people to invade Mexico (um, yes, really), and, instead, deal with our own native evildoers.

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Dunno... it seems to me I've heard other rather tall tales about wild turkeys...and not just in groups...;-)

I assume they were domestic turkeys - the wild ones I know just run for the hills.
Domestic turkeys WILL harass a menstruating human female - personal experience. I have no idea why they would attack a man with a baby, however!

@jane hay: If they were domestic they might have thought he was bringing them food if they're used to having their food brought in and dumped out. Even chickens will peck you if they think you're supposed to be giving them food and you aren't.

This is probably the most awesome thread ever for a Turkish porn spammer to show up in.

Dealing with our evil turkey problem is easy: Hubcaps. Shiny hubcaps + male turkey = highly territorial and eventually dead turkey.

By JThompson (not verified) on 09 Jan 2011 #permalink

@jane: No, these are...I suppose semi-wild would be the best description for them. The Massachusetts Dept. of Agriculture re-introduced turkeys to the state gameland and forests several decades ago, and they have become naturalized. The ones in downtown areas seem to be surviving off restaurant dumpsters, golf course vegetation, and Starbucks pastries dropped by terrified patrons leaving the coffeeshops.

Supposedly wild turkeys are fairly omnivorous, but I am still surprised that the urban turkeys of the Greater Boston Area have adapted so well. I mean, my effing turkeys give their food tray a suspicious stare if I switch them to pellets instead of crumbles, and if I put a stale bread roll in the barn, they act like James Bond receiving a large, ticking suitcase.