A Good Blogger Needs Your Help

Not me. I said a good blogger. I've been remiss in many things blog-related, but an important thing I've been meaning to do is drumming up some support for Lance Mannion. He's a superb writer, and brings a much-needed human perspective to blogging, which is, for the most part, technonerd-driven. Here's what I mean:

Metaphors for the weak and frightened
"He is not absent-minded. He is just present-minded somewhere else."
There's always tomorrow for dreams to come true...unless you're a conservative, then all dreams will come true yesterday
Hostages to their fortunes
There's no crying in baseball and, apparently, no laughing in football

Lance has had a difficult stretch recently, and if you're able, helping him out a little would be appreciated, not only by Lance, but the rest of us who don't want the internets to suck.

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