Dear Weather Channel, Could You Explain This Graphic

I appreciate the value of optimistic weather forecasters, as opposed to the usual doom-and-gloom types, but this seems a little too far in the other direction:


Look at the bottom right: who plays golf in this weather? I don't think even Scotsmen are that crazy...

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Yes, sometimes contradictory, but some weather forecasts can be fun. Here, a NWS meteorologist predicted that there would be sun in the daytime...

Imagine that.

In places which consistently have enough snow cover during the winter for cross-country skiing, golf courses make for excellent cross-country ski trails. In fact, I learned how to ski on a golf course.

Though somehow I doubt that the Weather Channel people, who IINM are based in Atlanta, would know this.

By Eric Lund (not verified) on 29 Jan 2011 #permalink

I think I've heard of a sport called snow golf that uses colored balls.

Here in the great lakes area, we embrace the snow and chill, and there are plenty of golf tournaments in the winter. Usually dubbed a "Frostbite Open," involving a lighter, colored ball - like a tennis ball - that won't bury itself deep in a foot of snow (now THAT'S an impediment!).