ScienceBlogs Is Under Attack! HALP!

For some of you, access to ScienceBlogs has been wonky. It's not because our Seed Overlords have neglected to feed the hamsters that power the Blogerator 9600. Turns out it's a denial-of-service attack:

We have been forwarding reports from bloggers and users to our hosting service, Rackspace, over the past few days. After monitoring our traffic and these reports, Rackspace has determined that ScienceBlogs is experiencing a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack and has blocked a range of IP addresses involved. While this means that ScienceBlogs is now loading correctly for most users, the attack is still ongoing and other users may still encounter sporadic loading problems, or be blocked entirely if they were incorrectly included in these preventative measures.

We're still working with Rackspace to determine how and why this has occurred, and to get the site 100% accessible again, but in the meantime, we'd like to collect IP addresses from users who are still experiencing problems. Please ask anyone who has brought this problem to your attention to send their IP address to If they have trouble locating their IP address, you can send them to this site:

Wouldn't want the hamsters to think you're a spambot.

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