The Obvious Post-Osama bin Laden Question That Isn't Being Asked

Well, actually it is being asked, just not by our political betters. From The Army Times:

Another soldier, Spc. William Baxter, a parachute rigger with the 101st Sustainment Brigade, was more succinct with his thoughts.

"OK, he's dead, can we go home?" he asked.

His thoughts were echoed by Spc. Wesley Gibbs, from Division Signal Co. H&H Battalion.

"I'm happy," Gibbs said. "Maybe this process will go a little bit faster now, and we can all go home to our families."

Declare victory and bring them home. Now.

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Or these questions:

Can we have our privacy rights back? Or can we carry liquids (or pocket knives, or nail clippers) on airplanes again? Can I drive through Canada with just a valid MI drivers license again as people in Europe are able to do with their neighbor countries?

We got our bad guy and we got a more restrictive government. Win-win?

What about the machine-gunning of little girls at school gates to prevent them from getting an education? Who's going to stop that from happening if we bring our troops home? Don't we care?

By Vince whirlwind (not verified) on 08 May 2011 #permalink

So instead they get gunned down by an Apache helicopter on the way to the shops..?