Placing (Tea) Party Over Country

So the Tea Party Fort Sumter conservatives have sunk to new lows--they're celebrating the downgrade of U.S. debt (italics mine; video at the link):

Is the tea party happy that Standard and Poor's, the credit rating agency, downgraded the United States' credit rating for the first time ever?

You'd think that was the case if you were in the crowd at a tea party rally in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, on Sunday morning. The Tea Party Express rolled into that northeastern city as part of its tour to bolster the six GOP state senators facing recall elections on Tuesday. But the most shocking moment of the event wasn't the vitriol spouted by tea party leaders, which has dominated news of the tour stops in recent days. Instead it was the cheers that erupted when one of the Tea Party Express' speakers described the recent downgrade as the tea party's fault.

Here's what happened: Midway through the Fond du Lac event, Florida talk show host Andrea Shea King took the stage. She told the audience that commentators were describing the downgrade of US debt to AA+ from AAA as the "tea party downgrade," laying the blame squarely on Congress' right-wing faction and its supporters. But rather than boo those who claim the tea party caused the downgrade, the 200 or so Wisconsinites in attendance cheered, sounding almost proud to be blamed for the downgrade.

These people never get to use the word patriotism again. Ever.

They have placed faction above the basic welfare and the good name and honor of the Republic. No doubt, many of these bozos were the same caterwauling bean sÃdhe who accused the anti-war left of hoping there would be casualties during the war (self-project much?). These are the same self-absorbed Palinists who practice the politics of the blood, who believe that anyone who is not with them is the 'other.'

And conservatives: you created this monster. You profited from it, and ignored it when it was convenient. This is entirely your fault. You can't blame the liberals for this one. Because your vaunted notion of personal responsibility should and must not be the sole purview of single minority mothers.

You own this. For once, do not stand atop the Overpass of History, lobbing cinderblocks into traffic. Fix it.

Because no nation can endure half Fox News and half free.

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"Because no nation can endure half Fox News and half free."

I'm going to have to make this my sig, if that's okay with you.

By Comrade Carter (not verified) on 09 Aug 2011 #permalink

The worst part is, they just don't understand a goddamn thing they're talking about (I know, they're teabaggers, it comes with the territory). Woohoo, we get to have higher interest rates on loans and less investment in the economy! Also, I second Comrade Carter's statement, that's a brilliant quote.

By Rob Monkey (not verified) on 09 Aug 2011 #permalink


The Progressives and the Tea Party are just flip sides of the same pig ignorant coinage to those of us out here still sane. It's your reality bubble versus their reality bubble, and the rest of us have to put up with it.

You can't blame the liberals for this one.

Blah blah blah. Yeah, circle the wagons around your preciousssss ideology, and ignore the fact that 60+ years of BS, corruption and sociopath politicians from both sides have brought us to this point.

If you ideologues really wanted to help the world you'd collectively fall on your swords.


Useless entry thanks!!

Go spam somewhere else.

By Wrambling Wreck (not verified) on 09 Aug 2011 #permalink

OQO @3

Ah, a useless "both sides are bad" comment. No solutions offered, no suggestions of what might be better, blinkered to his or her own ideology. Nothing to offer, nothing to say, just desperate to avoid any possible blame.

Your ignorance is showing.

By Lynxreign (not verified) on 09 Aug 2011 #permalink

"You can't blame the liberals for this one."

Well, some liberals, anyway; Frank, Dodd, Schumer, Clinton (and various Clinton administration staffers), Lieberman (pseudo-liberal) come to mind off the top of my head as being helping hands in creating our current catastrophe. The long arm of the finance industry reaches across the political spectrum.

Oh yes I can blame the liberals for this one. I can blame all the liberals who stayed home and didn't vote in the 2010 elections. I can blame all the liberals who "protest vote" for some offbeat green party candidate.

The "Tea Party" nutjobs were already there; we used to call them "neo-cons". The only difference now is they gained more power by stepping into the electoral vacuum created when liberals "just didn't feel energized" last election. Had the 2010 electorate looked at all like the 2008 electorate, we wouldn't even be talking about these goofballs. But here we are....

You can't blame the liberals for this one.

Of course they can:

"It's her fault. If she hadn't tried to get away, I wouldn't have had to hurt her."

By D. C. Sessions (not verified) on 09 Aug 2011 #permalink

"The "Tea Party" nutjobs were already there; we used to call them "neo-cons".

That's an unhelpful simplification of recent history, if not actual revisionism.

Ive heard that term revisionism.Its bullshit.Here is why.History is constantly being updated,because we are finding out new things,making new connections,all the time.There is no set of facts that are settled(subjectively,that is)The reference set is the whole continuum of what actually happened in history.The set of known things by all persons currently alive,and at all knowledgeable is smaller than the aforementioned.When you tell uninformed people,who decided to stop thinking deeply about history something they didn't know-out comes the accusation revisionist.It must be very common.I heard it 2 weeks ago.

By Richard Benton (not verified) on 09 Aug 2011 #permalink

I'm sure they will blame the liberals (or at least the Democrats). After all, if they hadn't nominated Obama, and he hadn't had the gall to be, well, you know, BLACK, there probably never would have been a tea party.

Of course they're celebrating - most of the 'baggers are fundies and want an apocalypse.

Jason F., how about those of us who have voted Progressive or something like it for the last 40 years, and watched a majority Democratic house and Senate, with a Democratic President, fail to enact universal health care? Fail to clearly call out the GOP for their shenanigans for the last 12 years (with a few exceptions, like Frank and Franken)? And fail to discuss the one issue that overrides all others - global warming, the biggest existential threat to the planet since Chicxulub?

Richard Benton: Historical postmodernism. Sorry, but while we certainly continually learn about our past, that doesn't mean that it can't be misrepresented in ways contrary to facts. Claiming that kidnapped Africans and their children were happier as slaves is revisionism. This is exactly like modern anti-science. It is a true observation that the scientific community continually learns, and occasionally even replaces major theories. But global warming denialism, medical woo, Creationism, and Apollo moon hoax conspiracists are still wrong, very wrong, dishonest, and harmful.

Robert Jase: I was raised Southern Baptist, and this is exactly right. Reagan and Dubya both hinted that they would be OK with starting nuclear war, since they seemed to think that it would bring Jesus back.


What about it? I'm just as frustrated as others at how non-liberal the Democratic party has become and how Obama prefers compromise over actual solutions, but that doesn't equate to me staying home on election day or casting my vote for a green party candidate, both of which accomplish the same thing, i.e. make it that much more likely that a tea party whacko ends up getting the office.

One of the main criticisms of tea party types is that they value ideology over everything else, including pragmatism. We cannot make the same mistake.

"but that doesn't equate to me staying home on election day or casting my vote for a green party candidate"

Then YOU are the reason for this:

"I'm just as frustrated as others at how non-liberal the Democratic party has become and how Obama prefers compromise over actual solutions"

Because WHY THE HELL should he care about your frustration when you are going to vote for them anyway? He doesn't have to do what YOU want, he has only to do what the Republicans want so he can woo them over.

YOU are the reason for your frustration.

But, because you can't face it, you decide instead to blame those who are making a difference.

PS You could, you know, tell the democrats that you're frustrated and unhappy and that if they don't change, you'll "protest vote" green.

If they don't want to lose, they'll change.

If they will never change, then why the hell do you vote for them?