Slentrol/Dirloapide (Got a fat dog?)

Wow. It's not just anticancer drugs for dogs, there are also "lifestyle" drugs. They think they're people!


Just like people obesity drugs, they're intended for short-term use, coupled with a diet and exercise plan.

I really don't understand. It's not hard to put your dog on a diet. See here if you are interested in reading some dog forum chatter (including a first-person owner account) about the drug.


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The big Pharma news of the day is that Pzifer is marketing  (Slentrol®), a drug to help obese dogs lose weight.   href=""> Dirlotapide, also known as N-{(1S)-2-[benzyl(methyl)amino]- 2-oxo-1-phenylethyl}-1-methyl-5-[4'-(trifluoromethyl)biphenyl- 2-…
We have a lap dog. She is bred to be a companion to people and she excels at it. We were going to name her "EPA" after her function (lapdog), but chose a more human name instead. After all, she's a dog. Despite the fact that she doesn't get much exercise, she isn't fat. But obesity is a problem for…
Let's see, the Biz shot its right foot with the Vioxx debacle, then its left foot with Zyprexa (and others, but that's a recent one), so now it must look for another site for further damage of its tattered n' shattered image. Hmmm, how about lobbing off a couple of fingers? The FDA's approval…
The other day I took my dogs to the vet for a checkup and saw a woman with her morbidly obese dog waiting to fill her prescription for Slentrol -- the first obesity drug for dogs -- which made me feel the need to resurrect this post below, which I wrote the day the FDA announced they'd approved the…

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I read or heard the comment that 'If your dog is fat you need to exercise more' (or words to that effect)

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