First wine, now coffee's good for you!

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Nothing like that first cup of the day

Personally I am glad to read this:

First came the fine news that red wine may help prevent Alzheimer's. Now a 20-year study (admittedly a bit flabby) of 125.000 health-care in Spain found that drinking 2 or more cups of java a day may help prevent heart disease. I find this a good thing to contemplate as I drink my first cup today.

Catch it in the abstract of the paper by Esther Lopez-Garcia and colleagues in the Annals of Internal Medicine, a news story by Ewen Callaway at NewScientist, or the skeptic's take at Dana Blankenhorn's ZDNet Healthcare blog.

Callaway's story at NewScientist notes that other studies have had other results and declares that study author "Lopez-Garcia and other experts caution that it's too early to act on the study's findings." Too early for a cup of coffee?

More like this

There was an item in Science a few years back reporting on a study that found beer was good for urinary tract health.
I'm still waiting to hear that cigars are healthful as well.