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Just lost my physical science book... How is that possible? It's so BIG.

People do not believe in science.

masturbation IS a science

why did i decide to get involved with this computer science networking stuff? i am an arts person! what was i thinking? lol

sitting here doing science homework , o fun.

painting my nails... but should probably do my science homework?

Science nerd Alert:I just spent an hour learning about the evolution of early tetrapods. Evolution is so damn cool

its 7 pm i have 3 hours to get all caught up on my science paper design a wine poster and type of my life plan for work .. growing up rocks

Have been eating my dad's muscle relaxers like they're candy. Back pain and dread of upcoming science seminar are much more tolerable now.

The 8th Annual Surfing Arts, Science and Issues Conference - http://tinyurl.com/daec6t

Masturbation and science? My 2 fave things! Count me in! I can singlehandedly (haha) revolutionize the cancer world.

im going to go weigh myself in wii fit then back to science

Science project : -(


knows enough science to reason ice cream is cold and salt is salty

i be trying to deliver science.

after 32 minutes of saying it ive got my science and turned off msn to work..wait is dick strawbridge on tv and am i tweeting? damm distract

Normal science often suppresses fundamental novelties because they are necessarily subversive of its basic commitments. -Kuhn

I feel I should make it known that I turned a hot pocket into a fine, homogeneous powder today. Next week, I will do science to it.

Oh my science it is so nap time.

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Why would one seek information on science on twitter?