Sleepwalking party invitations and other delights

A roundup of wonderful stuff I won't get to. Then again, many of these need no help:


"Come tomorrow and sort this hell hole out. Dinner and drinks, 4 p.m. Bring wine and caviar only.". Woman emails party invitations while asleep. Hat tip: BoingBoing

Obviously, the drug and medical device industry is not looking forward to independent research that compares expensive new drugs or procedures to older and less expensive treatments. Alison Bass on objections to (and spirited attacks on) the stimulus bill's funding of comparative effectiveness studies -- a subject I hope to write more about soon. On the same subject see also Ezra Klein, Health Care Renewal, KevinMD, and Merrill Goozner, among others.

"It can be said that we're on the brink of having a recipe for how we go about developing a false memory." Wired Science reports on an Elizabeth Loftus study that found that false memories are easily created under torture-like stress.

"The empirical gulf between average throwing ability in men and women is huge (just as it is symbolically important), dwarfing virtually any other measurable difference between the sexes." Neuroanthropology considers why this is so.

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