Morning dip - Health-reform, height prediction, flying birds, eye contact

Ezra Klein reviews Obama's handling of yesterday's health summit -- a piece well worth reading for a taste of how sharply focused and serious Obama is about truly comprehensive health-care reform.

Karen Tumlty, a health-care expert, describes in Time her own family's grueling wrestling match with the health-insurance industry. A timely story -- no pun intended -- as it makes painfully clear that it's not just the 46 million people uninsured (did I just say "just" 46 million people) who fare poorly in the current system.

Genetic Future looks at how a Victorian-era height-prediction system beats modern genetics.

When times are hard, sometimes those white capes start to show.

A new theory of how birds (and flying) evolved.

Dr. Bell at Mind Hacks ponders eye contact.

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Homie this is like the second time you've posted a mad interesting link that I had to track down for myself. Get yo game tight, son.