Quick Dip: Mindreading, pig flu, green fade, health care costs, and drug money in Vermont

Reading the Mindreading Studies - Science Progress seeks a handle on fMRI hype, hope, and horizons

The evolving Swine Flu story [Effect Measure] The skinny on a scary run of deadly swine flu, from people who've been doing this a while.

Green Issues Fade Is green losing its lustre?

Eli Lilly Tops List of Drug-Company Pay to Vermont Docs Altogether, 78 drug companies spent just shy of $3 million dollars in payments to health professionals in Vermont last year. This is a state of about 600,000 people, and only a few thousand doctors. Payments to psychiatrists, for instance, totaled $479,306.19 -- an average of $43,573.29 per psychiatrist who received money.

It's an awfully small state. Through social and other connections I happen to know quite a psychiatrists. It's unsettling to be wondering which ones might be receiving this money without declaring it.

And Ezra Klein considers WHY AMERICAN HEALTH CARE COSTS SO MUCH: PART ONE and then again in PART 2.

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