Now that's new media: Obama and his 11-year-old interviewer

Well here you go. An 11-year-old interviews Obama -- and if I may say so, does quite a bit better than some of his journalistic elders.

Here's the vid, and some apt commentary from Tapped:

Hey, remember Damon Weaver, the 11-year-old who interviewed Joe Biden back in September? Well, he finally scored a sit-down session with Barack Obama yesterday.

Among the topics discussed: ways to improve school systems affected by budget cuts, Obama's attitude toward his critics, mangoes, basketball. Things not mentioned: the communist end of days, enchantment, swim trunks, death panels.

--Alexandra Gutierrez

Helps to have a good interview subject.

Hang in for the question at 5:55: He asks Obama what he does about "getting bullied a lot." Obama: "I wasn't bullied too much in school."

"Can you dunk?"

"Not anymore."

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