Quick dip: Healthcare reform, conflicted profs, and the vaccine shortage

Pardon my light posting lately. Flat out with big projects, travel, and the stacking of the wood for the winter.

This, however, is what has jumped out at me from the intertubez of late:

Meet the New Health Care Reform, Same as the Old Health Care Reform

At Top Schools, More Than Half the Profs Have Industry Ties

US: Shortage of flu vaccines leaves healthcare workers vulnerable Our lack of readyness for this thing is sobering -- as is the complacency about same. In my own town, our much-delayed swine flu vaccines for kids is finally being administered this coming Monday. How'd I hear this? It was in an obscure paragraph in an obscure corner of the 8-page parents' group newsletter -- not even an official communication -- that came to us in the pile of junk-mail-by-backpack sent home each day by the school via our 5- and 7-year-old. Otherwise, we'd be blind to it. And the substantial number of kids in this town who go to private schools or home schools -- they have no clue. 


US: 11% fatality rate in hospitalized California H1N1 cases


US: 114 dead children, or 300?

It seems that

"We overpromised"

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