What glitters in the net today

I'm 'posed to be writing, really writing (insert argument over what's really writing in comments), but hit so many juicy bits in my morning read today I wanted to share. Here's my eclectic mix for the day:

A great rompy scary post from @susanorlean on how her book bounced around many publishers and editors.

Keith Kloor at Collide-a-scape has a round-up of stories on the "credibility of climate experts" report

"memory performance boosted while walking"  Beautiful. Perhaps why walking oft solves writing probs.  via @mariapage:

"Theory Is A Force That Gives Us Meaning" From @kerin at Savage Minds, on anthropologists' uneasy rel w theory.

At The Economist: Every genome on the planet is now up for grabs, including those that do not yet exist #economist via @revkin

Knight Science Journalism Tracker » Blog Archive » MedPage Today: Should reporters tell readers when a PIO listens in? I say Yes.

7th-Graders Discover Mysterious Cave on Mars - Yahoo! News Interesting if true. But what were those kidsi doing on Mars?

Newspapers Are Still Dying, But the News Is Not Going Anywhere. This is increasingly obvious but still worth stating.

John Updikeâs Archive - A Great Writer at Work - NYTimes.com I thought this nicely done. But then, I love Updike, despite being conflicted about his complicated misogyny.

My wife loves Gourmet magazine. She thinks the iPad ridiculous. Gourmet Magazine Revived for the iPad This will be interesting to watch.

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