Bid on this guy's brain!

You need to get over to eBay and bid on this guy's brain before eBay takes it down ;)
Since I guess it's against their terms of service to sell body parts..haha..
I really want to get a brain in a jar! Where does one go about legally getting one?
Here's the description of the brain for sale:

Near mint condition fully working Creative mind for hire. This Scouse/Argentinian mind comes with both left brain and right brain thinking, making it extremely versatile. At 25 years of age and with 2 years experience, this mind is no stranger to conceptual thinking, after brief stints at: BBH, TBWA, Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe, Saatchi & Saatchi, Euro Rscg, Big Al's Creative Emporium and The Fish Can sing. To view a full service history, or if you have any other enquiries call 07956 969 797

Only problem... the starting bid is a little out of my price range (£20,000.00). I'm also pretty sure this brain isn't actually his..hahaha..


Ok, so it's really just this guys mind that you can bid on - but I guess since there isn't really a way of separating his mind and brain you get both? hmm.. I guess since you don't really get a working mind without the body, you must get that as well. This is turning into a real expensive eBay auction - not only do you have to pay him 20,000 pounds you have to feed the body as well - ugh.. never mind :)

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