Delusions in Washington D.C.


I was reading this great post from Shrink Rap about sex with fish:

Being close to our nation's capitol we also sometimes get folks with politician-related delusions. They get arrested while traveling to Washington to confront the "devil-worshipers" controlling the government, or to get in touch with their "relatives" who happen to live in the White House. (Bush and Clinton would be surprised to learn how many patients they've fathered.) Presidential threateners are rare, but do show up occasionally. I understand the Secret Service even has a team that functions as something of an assertive community outreach program to ensure that threateners get their medications in the community.

and it reminded me about this time when I was an intern in Ted Kennedy's press office in D.C. One day some crazy woman called up the office (this was a somewhat normal occurrence - and the calls would often get routed to various people in the office as a joke) and got the secretary (of course this is politics so the secretary was a harvard educated poly sci major) and demanded to know why she was on the governments mind control list. The secretary told her to wait a bit while he checked 'the list.' He came back a couple minutes later and told her there must have been a mistake and he would have her taken off the mind control program immediately. I don't think she ever called back :)
Cheapest therapy ever (considering how much staffers in the senate earn - you'd be shocked how little it is!)

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remind me sometime and I'll tell you all about my transvestite hooker ass on my window story - another D.C. classic...haha

Ah, thanks for the kind words & blog mention. I figured if I put up a post with the word "sex" in the title I might get your attention. Then again, maybe it was the "fish" that did it. You never know...

Great D.C. story.