Great optical illusions...

I ran across this blog which has all sorts of optical illusions, and they are not limited to the ones in psychology text books.


Check it out!

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Photo: Edmund E. Kasaitis. Tomorrow night's full moon will be very low in the sky, and will give a strong illusion of being far bigger than it actually is. Exactly why we experience this phenomenon is unclear; NASA provides several explanations, including this one: A similar illusion was…
This picture demonstrates how viewpoint matters in perceiving impossible 3d objects. Check out this site for an explanation on how it is done, the history of and the psychological mechanisms responsible. And here are some more 3-d impossible structures and animated java demonstrations on how the…
Here are my ResearchBlogging Editor's Selections for this week. This week, Psychology and Neuroscience blogging brings us some fantastic science, as always. First and second, the fearless leader of ResearchBlogging, Dave Munger, provides us with two awesome visual illusions, and explains them: the…
This is the clever label for Chateau Skulls, a grenache blend from south Australia. Wikipedia sez, The label is an original artwork by István Orosz (b. 24 October 1951; Kecskemét) Hungarian painter, printmaker, graphic designer and animated film director, is known for his mathematically inspired…


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I think its great!!!!!!!!!!!

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that is so kool

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w0w its rili c00l!!!!
..we also love doing this when we are taking picture=))

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i love things like this