Want to start your week pissed off? Here ya go!

i-3eaad889ce690b6878431153c4465434-9826437_7fa86c2c1c.jpgIs this an April Fools Joke?!
Here's a challenge for everyone - see how many you can debunk!

1. Men's brains are larger, but as they age, they also shrink faster than women's brains.

2. Women's brains operate at a higher temperature, due to burning more glucose.

3. Women use more of their brains when they think.

4. In general, men are better at math and women are better at language skills. This is suggested by research on the brain that has found that the "gray matter" in men's brains is more active during thought while the "white matter" in women's brains is more active. Gray matter is the unscientific name for the part of the brain that handles information processing, and white matter is made up of the parts that network information together to understand relationships among pieces of data.

5. Perhaps due to the previous point, men tend to score an average of 5 points higher on intelligence tests. (Unknown, however, is whether such tests are geared disproportionately toward mathematical and other straightforward problem-solving, or even whether most IQ tests are created by men.)

6. The average man will think about sex approximately once a minute, while the average woman will think of sex around once every few days.

7. Why do women always want to talk? Researchers have found that connecting with another through talking will trigger the pleasure centers in a woman's brain, a high second only to an orgasm.

8. Baby girls have stronger reactions to disturbing or distressful sounds.

9. A 20-second hug will trigger the release of oxytocin in a woman's brain. The effect of this chemical will often give the woman a feeling of trust in the person hugging her.

10. Men reportedly use an average of 7,000 words a day, while women use 20,000.

From this horrible website.

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"Unknown, however, is whether such tests are geared disproportionately toward mathematical and other straightforward problem-solving, or even whether most IQ tests are created by men"

I absolutely love this line. How is it possible that this information would be unknown? Like there's some mysterious test-creation facility behind closed doors somewhere, and even THOSE people don't know whether men or women are writing the test (presumably they are also unaware of their own gender), and are ignorant of its content.

Does make for a good "this was posted on April fool's, right?" post :)

Aaargh! Not Louann Brizendine again! Way to start off my week, Steve...

Numbers 6, 7, 9 and 10 are attributable to her, if not the whole list.