Do you have a war on drugs problem? The drug Incarcerex may be for you.

Are you a politician or currently considering a run for office?
Do you agree with Richard Nixon that drugs are "public enemy number one in the United States"?
Are you worried that smoking marijuana makes you insane, turns you into a violent criminal or causes death?
Do you worry daily about why prohibition failed?
Do you think the War on Drugs is a great idea?
Are you stressed out about these things and need an easy way out? Incarcerex may be for you!

Take a look at this great spoof from!

Does your politician suffer from Chronic Re-Election Paranoia (CREEP)? Do you think our nation has an Incarcerex dependence? Tell your elected officials to give up the quick fix and create a new bottom line for the war on drugs.

More information from here.

If you've been overdosing on Incarcerex this may help you get off the juice:

Makes ya a bit angry, eh?!

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I'm dutch and permissive. That doesn't mean I wouldn't discourage anyone from using any CREEP. A visit to our museum of arts in Amsterdam might help too.