What is the best way of distracting a free throw shooter?

If you had control of the crowd behind a free throw shooter at a basketball game and you wanted him to miss what would you do?

Here's one highly entertaining way:

Help us come up with some others!

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Preface: I watch a lot of rugby.

Rugby kicking genius Johnny Wilkinson claims that his accuracy is based on focusing on a person in the crowd who he will "kick the ball to".

I figure all you need to do is have everyone in the crowd put their hands in the air leaning to the right and wiggling their hands. then just as he comes into kick everyone moves their hands to the left. It should be a big enough motion to put him off.

Yay sportsmanship!

I do not think you CAN distract a good free-throw shooter (90% and above in my book), they are too focused, and have practiced too long, and their muscle memory is too good.

However, a Shak-type? Yes, almost anything can distract them, including a sudden silence, and I think that every shooter has a certain, personal tipping point of what will and will not distract them. This looks like a great research project for some under-grad, but remember: PROMISE TO NEVER GIVE THESE REULTS TO DUKE OR YOU WILL BURN IN HELLL FOREVER, IF THERE WERE A HELL!

I think it would be more effective to shine a 50 mW laser in his eyes.

By Tegumai Bopsul… (not verified) on 07 Nov 2007 #permalink

Another of the many reasons I hate basketball. It is very poor sportsmanship to distract people like that, but apparently it's all right in basketball.

If everyone sitting behind the basket just before the shot simultaneously holds out a regulation basketball hoop and net (or one that looks reg), the real hoop might get lost in the background.

i think the best way to make a free throw shooter to miss is to but presure on the shootter. This will increase the heart rate. Making them lose concentration. therefore making them miss the shot. but if you are shaq or ben wallace then no matter what they will miss...haha

By Billy Bond (not verified) on 10 Mar 2010 #permalink