Proving Santa Claus is real

I now believe.


-Via Surviving the World-

(I really wish I could have just presented the first image and sent you there for the rest - but I'm too lazy to do image editing...)

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Still waiting on the proof for "that means not only is there at least one Santa Claus who can travel between universes" ...

But otherwise, only waiting on Santa Claus.

There is a darker message here. If there are mirror universes, with alternate Santas, this merits caution. After all, in our universe, Santa is almost exclusively depicted with facial hair.

By BaisBlackfingers (not verified) on 08 Dec 2010 #permalink

santa MUST be real, i mean, if there were all christians it might not be true, BUT since THAT isnt true, then it is very possible he IS real!

By hulkthehero (not verified) on 18 Dec 2010 #permalink

And apparently some physicists don't understand mathematical concepts like infinity. Oh well.

I agree with conclusion you make; the more I read, the more skeptical I become. Nothing is particularly compelling tell.

Can't do a simple screendump?

So if there is a possibility of an omni-present Santa in these universes, does it not stand to reason that there is a possibility of a creator in at least one of these universes perhaps in the one where Santa does not really exist?