iGEM on Twitter

Check out these iGEM twitter pages to follow the antics of iGEM teams around the world this summer (and let me know if I missed any teams)!

i-a539cb1de33978767375286ab9a462a4-igem_twitter.jpgiGEM headquarters @igem
Biotec Dresden @igem_biotec
Bielefeld @iGEM_Bielefeld
Brazil @igembrasil
Calgary @iGEMCalgary
Cambridge @camgem
Canada @igemcanada
Chiba @Chiba_iGEM2010
Debrecen @debrecenigem
DTU @igemdtu2010
Edinburgh @IlluminatiED
Freiburg @FreiburgBioware
Georgia State @iGEMGSU
Georgia Tech @georgiatechigem
Groningen @igemgroningen
Harvard @harvardigem
IIT Delhi @iitdelhiigem
Imperial @imperialigem
Illinois Software @UIUC_Software
Japan @iGEM_Japan
KU Seoul @iGEM_KU
Kyoto @KIT_Kyoto
Lethbridge @iGEM_uleth
Missouri S&T @mstigem
Newcastle @TeamNewcastleiG
Northwestern @iGEM_NU
Ottawa @iGEMuOttawa
Panama @igempanama
Pavia @pavia_igem
Queens @iGEMQueens
SDU Denmark @iGEM_SDU
Sheffield @ShefiGEM
St. Andrews @igemsaints
Stanford @StanfordiGEM
Stockholm @igemstockholm
Sup'Biotech Paris @iGEM_SupBiotech
Tec De Monterrey @iGEMTecMty
Tokyo Metropolitan @igemtmu
Tokyo NoKoGen @iGEM_NoKoGen
Tsinghua @Tsinghua_iGEM
TzuChiU Formosa @TzuChiU_Formosa
University of British Columbia @ubcigem
UT-Tokyo @UT_Tokyo
Valencia @IGEMValencia
Waterloo @Waterloo_iGEM
WITS-South Africa @WitsiGEM


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The University of Toronto team does not have a Twitter account. The igemtoronto Twitter account is for an âIntercontinental General Entertainment Mediaâ group.

Thansk for doing this! You may want to remove @igemtoronto, they look unconnected to the iGEM team. The other Canadian ones are okay.

By Doug Ridgway (not verified) on 16 Jul 2010 #permalink

Thanks for catching the Cambridge one! I'm working in the lab next door to them at the moment, so getting caught up in the iGEM excitement again :)