A new Tangled Bank is coming up

The Tangled Bank

The next edition of the Tangled Bank will be held at Grey Thumb.blog on Wednesday, 18 Jan 2006. Send in those links to wonderful science writing to tangledbank@greythumb.org,
host@tangledbank, or
me by Tuesday evening.

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This coming week will be a great one for science carnivals. First up is the Circus of the Spineless which will appear on Pharyngula on Sunday—if you've written anything about invertebrates in the past month, send the link to pzmyers@pharyngula.org by Saturday evening. The second big event is the…
Two carnivals under my purview are coming up next week, both on Wednesday, 12 April, so let's get rolling on bringing in exciting links. The Tangled Bank will be held at Discovering Biology in a Digital World, under the care of Sandra Porter. Send links to interesting science writing to her, to me…
George has posted a last call for submissions for the next edition of the Teaching Carnival - all about Higher Ed, life in academia, etc. He is hosting it on WorkBook this Friday, September 1st, so send your entries on time to: georgehwilliams at gmail dot com Next Tangled Bank (science, nature,…
Good reading on a snowy day! Philosophia Naturalis #15 I and the Bird #63 Grand Rounds 4.10 Humanist Symposium #11 Friday Ark #167 The next edition of the Tangled Bank will be on Wednesday, 5 December, at Life Before Death. Send you links to me or host@tangledbank.net by Tuesday!

Yeah, that whole domain is a mess right now. The Tangled Bank needs some serious untangling -- but between getting this site off the ground and getting ready for the start of a new semester, it's on the backburner for a little while longer.