Radio reminder

Shortly, Atheists Talk radio will be on the air with a conversation with Annie Laurie Gaylor of the Freedom from Religion Foundation. They'll be discussing the upcoming national convention in Chicago.

The show will air at 9 AM Sunday, Minneapolis time. Since all you foreigners always complain about my quaint temporal provincialism, here's a guide to the broadcast time that will help you out.

Nothing will satisfy you guys. All right, I've replaced the original short list with this much longer list:

Honolulu Sun 4:00 AM     Sao Paulo Sun 11:00 AM     Addis Ababa Sun 5:00 PM
Anchorage Sun 6:00 AM Rio de Janeiro Sun 11:00 AM Baghdad Sun 5:00 PM
Vancouver Sun 7:00 AM St. John's Sun 11:30 AM Aden Sun 5:00 PM
San Francisco Sun 7:00 AM Reykjavik Sun 2:00 PM Riyadh Sun 5:00 PM
Seattle Sun 7:00 AM Casablanca Sun 2:00 PM Antananarivo Sun 5:00 PM
Los Angeles Sun 7:00 AM Lisbon Sun 3:00 PM Kuwait City Sun 5:00 PM
Phoenix Sun 7:00 AM Dublin Sun 3:00 PM Moscow Sun 6:00 PM
Edmonton Sun 8:00 AM London Sun 3:00 PM Dubai Sun 6:00 PM
Denver Sun 8:00 AM Lagos Sun 3:00 PM Tehran Sun 6:30 PM
Guatemala Sun 8:00 AM Algiers Sun 3:00 PM Kabul Sun 6:30 PM
San Salvador Sun 8:00 AM Madrid Sun 4:00 PM Tashkent Sun 7:00 PM
Tegucigalpa Sun 8:00 AM Barcelona Sun 4:00 PM Mumbai Sun 7:30 PM
Managua Sun 8:00 AM Paris Sun 4:00 PM New Delhi Sun 7:30 PM
Mexico City Sun 9:00 AM Brussels Sun 4:00 PM Kolkata Sun 7:30 PM
Winnipeg Sun 9:00 AM Amsterdam Sun 4:00 PM Kathmandu Sun 7:45 PM
Houston Sun 9:00 AM Geneva Sun 4:00 PM Karachi Sun 8:00 PM
Minneapolis Sun 9:00 AM Zürich Sun 4:00 PM Islamabad Sun 8:00 PM
St. Paul Sun 9:00 AM Frankfurt Sun 4:00 PM Lahore Sun 8:00 PM
New Orleans Sun 9:00 AM Oslo Sun 4:00 PM Almaty Sun 8:00 PM
Chicago Sun 9:00 AM Copenhagen Sun 4:00 PM Dhaka Sun 8:00 PM
Montgomery Sun 9:00 AM Rome Sun 4:00 PM Yangon Sun 8:30 PM
Lima Sun 9:00 AM Berlin Sun 4:00 PM Bangkok Sun 9:00 PM
Kingston Sun 9:00 AM Prague Sun 4:00 PM Hanoi Sun 9:00 PM
Bogota Sun 9:00 AM Zagreb Sun 4:00 PM Jakarta Sun 9:00 PM
Caracas Sun 9:30 AM Vienna Sun 4:00 PM Kuala Lumpur Sun 10:00 PM
Indianapolis Sun 10:00 AM Stockholm Sun 4:00 PM Singapore Sun 10:00 PM
Atlanta Sun 10:00 AM Cape Town Sun 4:00 PM Hong Kong Sun 10:00 PM
Detroit Sun 10:00 AM Budapest Sun 4:00 PM Perth Sun 10:00 PM
Havana Sun 10:00 AM Belgrade Sun 4:00 PM Beijing Sun 10:00 PM
Miami Sun 10:00 AM Warsaw Sun 4:00 PM Manila Sun 10:00 PM
Toronto Sun 10:00 AM Johannesburg Sun 4:00 PM Shanghai Sun 10:00 PM
Nassau Sun 10:00 AM Harare Sun 4:00 PM Taipei Sun 10:00 PM
Washington DC Sun 10:00 AM Cairo Sun 4:00 PM Seoul Sun 11:00 PM
Ottawa Sun 10:00 AM Sofia Sun 5:00 PM Tokyo Sun 11:00 PM
Philadelphia Sun 10:00 AM Athens Sun 5:00 PM Darwin Sun 11:30 PM
New York Sun 10:00 AM Tallinn Sun 5:00 PM Adelaide Sun 11:30 PM
Montreal Sun 10:00 AM Helsinki Sun 5:00 PM Melbourne Midnight Sun-Mon
Boston Sun 10:00 AM Bucharest Sun 5:00 PM Canberra Midnight Sun-Mon
Santiago Sun 10:00 AM Minsk Sun 5:00 PM Sydney Midnight Sun-Mon
Santo Domingo Sun 10:00 AM Istanbul Sun 5:00 PM Brisbane Midnight Sun-Mon
La Paz Sun 10:00 AM Kyiv Sun 5:00 PM Vladivostok Mon 1:00 AM
San Juan Sun 10:00 AM Khartoum Sun 5:00 PM Auckland Mon 2:00 AM
Asuncion Sun 10:00 AM Ankara Sun 5:00 PM Suva Mon 2:00 AM
Halifax Sun 11:00 AM Jerusalem Sun 5:00 PM Chatham Island Mon 2:45 AM
Buenos Aires Sun 11:00 AM Beirut Sun 5:00 PM Kamchatka Mon 3:00 AM
Montevideo Sun 11:00 AM Amman Sun 5:00 PM Anadyr Mon 3:00 AM
Brasilia Sun 11:00 AM Nairobi Sun 5:00 PM Kiritimati Mon 4:00 AM

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Im deeply impressed ! And it has Melbourne on it too !!

Now you've put SC out of work tho PZ....:-)

You left out Riyadh ;)

By sleepyinsaudi (not verified) on 14 Sep 2008 #permalink

Yay! Thanks for Bangkok PZ!

PZ, consider giving out the time in universal time. It's used by astronomers, some electronics and web sites like seti@home. Since DST is in effect US central time is universal time minus five hours.

By Nerd of Redhead (not verified) on 14 Sep 2008 #permalink

Hey PZ, what's a good zip code for Minnesota? The live stream asks for your zip code and if you provide a non-Minnesota elitist zip code (j/k) all you get is a message saying "Sorry, you must live in Minnesota to listen."

Never mind, the Morris zip code is 56267 - so all you Pharyngulits have to do is enter this code to listen in.

I live in Canada; Here is the message I get when I go to the website:

Listen to AM950 KTNF
Sorry, you must live in Minnesota to listen.
please enter your zip code:

I wonder if anyone else in Canada has the same problem?

nevermind, I got it going ... long live 56267!

Hey, PZ,

How about the time in Japan for all us (well, me) gaijin-o-suaruses?? Or I could just not be lazy and do it myself....

By Gaijinmon (not verified) on 14 Sep 2008 #permalink

If anyone needed the listings for Seattle and Los Angeles in addition to San Francisco, then they don't deserve to listen.

A few highlights:

- Webster Cook and other interesting speakers and award recipients at the FFRF convention in Chicago the weekend of October 10.

- The ad for AWE was, um...amusing.

- Something (I missed the beginning of this) about state/federal employees now being able to direct United Way funds to FFRF by using #32519 [???]. I went to but couldn't find more about it.

Pfft, we're supposed to find our cities in that list? it's so unorganized and messy! We need them in alphabetical order!


By Joetheannoying (not verified) on 14 Sep 2008 #permalink

I missed it 'cause you didn't put the time for Markham. You never think about Markham.

Found it - it's on the "Donate" page:

Combined Federal Campaign. The Freedom From Religion Foundation has met the rigorous eligibility criteria of the Combined Federal Campaign, and is included in the national 2008 CFC. Look for "Freedom From Religion Foundation, Inc." under the listing of "National/International Independent Organizations" published by each local campaign charity list in the early fall. The CFC code to donate to FFRF is 32519.

They could always just subscribe to the podcast. No need to go googling for a Minnesota ZIP code that way.

By Corydoras (not verified) on 14 Sep 2008 #permalink

It's all part of a plot by the kraken to force Minnesota's corrupted concepts of time and space on the sane parts of the universe. Resistance is futile! Thou shalt use the Morris Time and The Morris Zipcode and The Morris Dance, and even The Other Morris Dance, the one we don't talk about...

MinneapolisSun 9:00 AM
St. PaulSun 9:00 AM

I didn't know Minneapolis and St. Paul are in the same time zone.

I didn't know Minneapolis and St. Paul are in the same time zone.

As well as Oshkosh, Wisconsin and Houston, Texas. But don't tell anyone.

If you want to listen live and forget Morris's Zip code, just punch in anything that starts with a pair of fives. Works for me.

And I mean Morris the town, not Morris the Cat. (Showing my age!) Morris the Cat does not have his own Zip code, although Garfield might. (Showing my lack of discriminating taste!)

What about NH? What one do I go by? Central NH. Thanks. I'll wait here while you get right on that.

Posted by: Allytude | September 14, 2008 11:50 AM
missed it again. Can you also send cellphone alerts? Please pretty pleas PZ

Sure, just text "cracker" to 7734. We'll send you your alerts.

You even have Reykjavík :D

Nothing will satisfy you guys

Well, you didn't alphabetize the list. And the font is too small to read. And where the hell is Suva?

Otherwise, I am quite satisfied. ;)

By BobbyEarle (not verified) on 14 Sep 2008 #permalink

Well, ok, but next time it needs to be in alphabetical order.
Bob (behind the plexiglass screen)