Arrr, 'twas a fine weekend of pillage and carouse, and now we have returned to our lair, where we can gloat over our treasure. Here it be, a small portion of the swag we've won.


I would like to thank the producers of Expelled and Bill Donohue for inspiring the American Humanists to toss me that shiny silver bauble, and me maties all around the world for the vast pile of cephalopodic geegaws growin' in me hold.



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While once I might have pined for an iPhone, I think right now I might prefer an rPhone. Arrr. Watch out, Apple.
Will I sign th' Pirate's Compact? Arrr. It be like askin' Blackbeard if he wants a tot o' rum before plunderin' yon fat merchanter. Which reminds me…on me mission to New York tomorrow, I need to be askin' about Pirate Mode. Maybe a little proddin' with the cutlass will help.
Tantalizing news: somewhere out there in the wide, wide world is a video of a pilot whale eating a large squid. "We looked hard and saw a tentacle of a squid hanging from its mouth and there were other pieces of squid stuck to the whale's body. It made a number of brusque movements on its side in…
Last Saturday was International Talk Like a Pirate Day and Minnow and I got into the spirit of the day by reading the only toddler-appropriate pirate book I know: My Pop-Pop is a Pirate by Pat Croce. (Even if you don't watch the whole video, check out 1:15 to 2:00 minutes for adorable Minnow…