God needs more blood

Molly Norris, the cartoonist who launched "Draw Mohammed Day" (and who later withdrew herself from the event, citing her fear of persecution) has just been put on a hit list, calling for Muslims to murder her.


The man calling for her death is this Yemeni cleric, Anwar al-Awlaki, a pleasant looking fellow who also cheerfully encouraged the Fort Hood massacre. You wouldn't know it to look at him, but behind that smiling face is the mind of a hateful monster.

He's from the US. He claims to have served as an imam in California, Colorado, and Virginia. And now he's holed up in Yemen, advocating death for cartoons.

I can't tell what's going on here. Did Islam turn him into a psychopath? Or do psychopaths just find a happy home in Islam? Either way, Allah is an abomination that poisons people's minds. It might reassure me of the good intentions and harmlessness of faith if I saw Muslims rioting in cities around the world, protesting the infamy that people like Awlaki bring down on Islam…but I won't hold my breath waiting for it.

I just noticed — there's a poll at that link.

A radical cleric has called for the execution of a U.S. cartoonist after she launched a project called "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day." Do you support the cartoonist's lampoon?

Yes. She was making a statement protected under the First Ammendment. That's her job. 41%
No. She knew Islam forbids drawing the likeness of Mohammed. This is insulting, not fun. 51%
Not sure. 7%

Disillusion me some more, people. A majority thinks the problem here is with a cartoonist drawing a teacup?


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