First s'mores, next thing you know they'll be using AK-47s

Could be trouble: the other apes are learning how to make fire, and you know where that ended up with us.

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As I was going through my usual morning roster of webcomics, I discovered that Sci-ence referenced an earlier one I missed — the Red Flags of Quackery. There are certain tell-tale signs that you're dealing with woo…like the abuse of the word "quantum". But then you all already knew that Sci-ence…
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This is tragic. A unique site where the giant cuttlefish migrates and breeds is under threat by the construction of a desalination plant that would render the local waters unsupportable to cuttlefish life. This must be stopped! There is a petition: sign it. (via Cuttlefish, of course) (Also on…
Tomorrow, I'll be on a plane for Norway, and I'll be spending the weekend in urban Oslo. Wouldn't it be nice if the World Humanist Congress could be held in Kongsvinger Forest? (via National Geographic) (Also on FtB)